Wednesday, July 25, 2012


July 19, 2012

Dear Dale Goeman,

Thanks for the excellent job you and your employees accomplished on my roof. Larry and Dorothy Fields would be pleased with the quality of work you are carrying on. For many years I did their personal tax returns. When Larry died Dorothy would still come over from Kent to have us do her taxes. One of my favorite memories of them was a long discussion about their trip into Russia! Thanks again.

Bob Johnson

Friday, May 11, 2012


A testimony we received earlier today, via email, from one of our valued customers:

Our roof suffered storm damage over this winter season. We chose Fields Roof Service to come and assess the damage and provide us with some choices for temporary plastic protection to get us through the rest of the winter storm months. It was in the spring of this year, April, that we decided our best course of action was to replace our roof with a new one. Our contact, Terry Patnode, provided us with roofing options for us to consider. While we went through the course of choosing color and style of our new roof, we quickly realized why Fields Roof Service has served the Puget Sound Area for decades. The professionalism displayed by every member of the Fields team was incredibly impressive. Extraordinary detail was given to our temporary fix all the way to the final roofing work. We all know spring weather can be quite unpredictable. The folks at Fields spent a great deal of time waiting for that right moment to expose our home in a safe manner which allowed us to have a precipitation free roofing window. The removal of our old roof was done in a way that not one piece of roofing material was left for us to clean up. In addition, the new roof was done in an efficient, professional way. Once again, we witnessed the team of Fields employees paying great attention to quality and detail. Our yard, including our gutter system was completely debri free. The most important financial asset in our lives is once again prepared to withstand the worst of our Puget Sound Weather. We are indebted to Fields Roof Service for their extraordinary example of professionalism, integrity, honesty and competitive price. Anyone considering roofing repair and/or replacement, should contact this company first. We have nothing but outstanding things to say about Fields Roof Service. Thank you!

Allan and Theresa Cranston

Friday, April 20, 2012

Carlisle Training

Last week we had a team from Carlisle down at FRS headquarters to educate our team on Carlisle roof products, warranty specs and also showcase some techniques for installing Carlisle systems.

The Carlisle team delivered a great presentation and training session focused on EPDM and TPO roof systems.

Our professional roof team really enjoyed more hands on training and product demonstrations.

Thanks again, Carlisle!

Here are some photos of the recent training session:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Does Your Roof Look Like?

When was the last time your roof received a proper inspection?

Now before you grab the nearest ladder or start climbing up your roof hatch, hear us out.

We only recommend a professional climb atop your building to investigate your roof’s current condition.

That being said, how will you know if you need a professional roofer to investigate your roof? If after reading the opening question you thought to yourself, “…I don’t know what my roofs current condition is” you should give us a call! 253-852-4974!

It is common in our line of work to receive a leak call and or service request, head to the scene and discover a roof that we are literally appalled by. When these types of roofs are discovered they always end up resulting in additional and avoidable costs to the building owner(s).

The point of this post is to highlight the fact that roofs need to be seasonally investigated and serviced or else they can take on new life and potentially look like this: 

And last but not least...

DO NOT let the above happen to your roof! Please give us a call today for a free roof consultation! 

Fields Roof Service: (253) 852-4974